Hello, My name is Dean Shaw, owner of “New Image Alternative Auto Sales” I currently have a total of twenty four years experience in the automotive industry. My father has thirty five years experience in the industry, both as a general manager and as an automotive dealer. One of my brothers has ten years of automotive sales experience under his belt. You might say that this business runs in my family.

Starting out, I decided to take a slightly different path. Twenty one years of my experience was spent as the owner of a very successful business based out of New England where our focus was on servicing forty automotive dealerships. We specialized in enhancing the cosmetic appearance of vehicles to prepare them for resale. Our formula for success was simple; Honesty and high quality standards.

This simple, yet effective formula allowed us to receive national service awards three years in a row. The reason I am telling you this, is because it has a great deal of significance in the way we operate our current dealership. We now use this same formula to ensure that all of the cars we sell are not only cosmetically pristine on the outside, but also mechanically sound and dependable on the inside.

One thing I have learned over the years while providing service to dealerships, and living and working along side one of the most successful general managers in the business, is that those dealers who invested money back into their cars, both cosmetically as well as mechanically were always successful. They may not have had the huge profit margins enjoyed by the “short cut hacker” dealers, but they always had long term repeat business, and they were able to maintain their outstanding reputations.

Our goal is to build an automotive dealership with relationships based on service and character. The only way to achieve this goal is to stand behind every car we sell.

“Reputation is what everyone thinks of you, but character is what you are when no one is looking! "

Please allow us the opportunity to show you a positive alternative to the car buying experience.


Dean Shaw
New Image Alternative Auto Sales

Vehicles History Report available for each vehicle sold.